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Near Perfect Rover3 Bassinet

Near Perfect Rover3 Bassinet

$89.99 AUD
Near Perfect Rover3 Bassinet - Black
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Near Perfect Rover3 Bassinet

$199.99 AUD $89.99 AUD
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This is a near-perfect Rover3 Bassinet. Colours, variations and stock are limited for our near-perfect products. If the variation or colour you are looking for appears as 'Out Of Stock' on this page then we don't have a near-perfect product in your selection at this time.

Near-perfect products are brand new, never used products with a small defect so they cannot be sold at full price. Similar to what you could expect from a floor stock or display product. Their defects are superficial only and may consist of a scratch, stain or a pull in the fabric. We do not list the defects of each individual product but have indicated on this page here images of the types of defects that you can expect on these near-perfect products.

There are no structural nor functionality issues with our near-perfect products.

There are strictly no returns on ‘near perfect’ products. By purchasing a near-perfect product you understand that your product will have imperfections, and that our return policy is not valid for these products.

For detailed information on the Rover3 Bassinet please visit the product page here.

For terms and conditions please view here.

For an overview on near-perfect products and what imperfections you can expect please view here.

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