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What is a Near Perfect Product?


A near perfect product is a new pram, baby essential or accessory with a small defect which prevents us from selling at full price. The product may have been a returned model, or on display in our showroom, or used for a photoshoot and through this use has received a scratch or stain which means we can no longer sell at full price but other than the small superficial imperfection the pram or accessory is in proper working order, and is as-new, almost perfect.  

There are strictly no returns on near perfect prams, baby essentials or accessories. By purchasing a near perfect product you understand that your product will have imperfections, and that our return policy is not valid for these prams, baby essentials & accessories.

These near perfect prams, baby essentials and accessories have all been checked by our quality assurance team, and they include all of the same parts and pieces as our new models. There are no structural nor functionality issues with our near-perfect products. Our standard warranties apply on all products labelled as 'near-perfect', see below for warranty durations.


·        Prams - Our three year warranty is still valid on all pram models labelled as 'near-perfect'.

·        Baby Essentials - Our two year warranty is still valid on all baby essentials labelled as 'near-perfect'.

·        Parts & Accessories – There is no warranty on parts & accessories

See full warranty information here 

The below images display the types of defects you can expect to find on our near perfect prams, baby essentials & accessories.




possible defects

coating imperfection

fabric tear

scratch / scuff

scratch / scuff

seam fault

handle bar scratch

handle bar dent

small stain

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