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Our Showroom will be closed Saturday April 27th

Opening hours:
Monday – 
10am - 4pm
Friday – 10am - 4pm
Saturday – 10am - 4pm

3/260 Whitehall St, Yarraville VIC, 3013

Maxi-Cosi expert advice: 
Confused about car seats and capsules? Receive expert advice from a Maxi-Cosi expert in our showroom.
They will guide you through our car seat and capsule range on the following dates:

Saturday May 11th
Saturday June 15th
Saturday June 29th

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Come in and try out our range of award-winning prams and enjoy a warm welcome from our superstar customer service team.
Orders can be placed in our showroom, and will be delivered to your door.

No appointment required.

Note: We do not process any warranty claims in the showroom. Please enter all warranty claim requests here.

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