Expected Movement in your DUO

Experiencing a slight wobble, shake or movement as you push your DUO? A certain amount of movement as you push can be expected in all prams and strollers and we’ll take you through the contributing factors to this below.

There is definitely more movement in the DUO compared to single model strollers due to the length of the frame and how it's constructed to be able to accommodate two seats/bassinets. We would describe this movement as an almost a side to side motion that can feel like it’s coming from the wheels yet is predominantly felt through the handlebar. This movement is typically minor enough not to be easily visible through video.

Causes of movement in your DUO

Frame Length:

The longer length of the DUO frame allows more movement from side to side than a compact or single stroller. Because of the need to fit two seats/bassinets onto this longer frame, we're unable to add support braces along the length of the frame to reduce this movement allowance (you'll find this is true with all strollers of this size and style).

Watch the below video to see how this movement looks for both the Babybee DUO and Uppababy Vista


All detachable wheels will have a tolerance gap between the axle or wheel hub where they attach. You can feel this by tugging at your wheel when attached (it should move between 1-3mm).

Additionally, front swivel wheels by nature want to swivel. So, unless they are both touching the ground at exactly the same level at all times, they may start to swivel very slightly and then pull back into line and this slight movement can add a gentle rocking movement.

Watch the below videos to see the normal amount of wheel tolerance and movement in wheels.

(Note: you should expect to see the rear wheels wobble or not look straight when spun fast on the axel pin. To achieve these speeds you'd need to be pushing at over 50km/hr. At walking pace this movement is barely noticeable.)

Seat/Bassinet Attachment Points:

Further to this the seat or bassinet in all 2-in-1 strollers will rock back and forth slightly as you walk due to them being attached to central connectors and not fixed at the front and back. This rocking can again add to the overall movement you feel.

The below video compares movement in the seat for both Babybe DUO and Uppababy Vista

Overall Movement:

We’ve created a video below to show you common amounts of movement amongst leading stroller brands similar to the DUO. You can see the amount of movement in the frames, wheels and connection points, as well as the amount of movement when pushing a child in the pram. As you’ll see, the actual movement when pushing a child is minimal (and often feels a lot greater than it looks, barely noticeable in a video).

Please rest assured that all of our prams (as well as those featured above) have been rigorously tested to comply with the Australian Standards for safety and durability with similar amounts of movement observed.

We've used a doll in these bassinets, please note that a heavier baby will rock more than our doll. This gentle shaking from side to side is tested for and completely safe. Let's hope you're one of the lucky parents whose bub enjoys it and it actually helps to rock them off to sleep!