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Some seriously helpful general pram safety tips

When buying a pram in Australia, you can guarantee that all major brands comply with Australian safety standards and are fitted with a safety harness, foot brake, and tether strap. But having these key safety features doesn't ensure safe use of your pram; in fact, majority of accidents with prams are caused by improper use of the pram, not a lack of safety features.

Here's some key safety advice to consider before using your Babybee pram:

Common hazards

The ACCC has identified several hazards associated with prams and strollers which could result in serious injury or even death:

  • The pram or stroller rolling away from the carer's control. We strongly advise using parking brakes and the tether strap at all times to ensure the pram cannot roll away. Parking the pram horizontal to potential dangers is another precaution you can take.
  • Limb and finger injuries. If children gain access to certain parts of the pram they may trap and/or injure their limbs or fingers. Ensure children are away from the pram prior to adjusting it.
  • Falls. Children not properly restrained in a pram can either fallout or move to a position where the pram or stroller can topple. This can also occur if additional bags or children are hung or carried on parts of the pram not designed to do so.
  • Strangulation or suffocation. Strangulation or suffocation can occur if children become trapped in parts of the pram or stroller, in particular, the rain cover and safety harness.
Bassinet & stroller seat usage

  • There is no set age when your little one is ready for the stroller seat; however, it's usually around 6 months when they can sit up unaided.
  • Only use the bassinet in a flat position. Do not recline.
  • The bassinet is not designed for overnight sleeping.
  • Secure the child in the harness at all times when using the stroller seat.
  • Never leave the harness buckled when not fitted to the child in the pram (this is applicable to the stroller seat as bassinets do not come with a harness buckle).

General usage

  • Do not carry extra children or heavy bags on the pram.
  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • Make sure children are clear of moving parts when adjusting the pram.
  • Make sure the pram is secured when being transported in vehicles.
  • Take care when using on stairs or escalators.
  • Do not use any accessories that are not designed for or compatible with your particular Babybee model.
  • Gentle sloping surfaces may be unstable. On steeper sloping and uneven surfaces, there is a possibility that the travel system may tip over.
  • Do not use or leave the pram near an open fire or exposed flame.


Looking for more information?

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