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Future-proofing: why the tandem pram trend isn’t going away anytime soon

Shopping for prams. Let's keep things simple. Your bump is growing and you're looking for a safe, stylish option to take your precious cargo from A to B. Well, you've come to the right place at Babybee. Step one complete.

Now, let's look at your pram options. At Babybee, we've got single and double prams on offer. What's the difference and what's better? The short answer: it's a personal choice based on the needs of your family.

A single pram, such as our ROVER3, is great if you want an excellent everyday pram for one child. Whereas, our DUO2, is great if you want to future-proof your pram for more than one child.

Also, bonus: Our DUO2 is multi-award winning! We took out the top spot at Product Review's annual awards as the best double in Australia in 2022. You can read reviews from happy DUO2 customers here.

So, what is a tandem in-line double pram?

Our DUO2 is a tandem in-line double pram that accommodates up to two children. A tandem in-line double pram means the two seats or bassinets (or combo of both) are aligned one in front of the other.

Do you need a tandem in-line double pram?

The two most common reasons why customers opt for a tandem in-line double pram over a single pram are to future-proof or because they've got two children close in age.

Some first-time parents choose to future-proof their pram if they plan to have more than one child close in age. An option like our DUO2, means you can use your pram as a single pram and a double pram when your family grows. How this works? When you only have one child that needs a pram, you keep the DUO2 in single pram mode. Then, when bub number arrives you can convert the DUO2 into a tandem in-line double pram so you can stroll with both children with ease.

But it's not just first-time parents who love our DUO2, it's also parents with more than one child in close age. These parents sometimes want to upsize from their single pram to a double pram when bub number two arrives. The benefit of our DUO2 tandem in-line double pram is that it can configured into over 30 positions using our stroller seat and bassinet. This gives parents the flexibility to use the pram in a way that works best for their growing family.

Why not just get a side by side double pram?

Well, you can if you want (we've got our LUNA if you're interested). But the seats of a side by side pram are fixed and you cannot remove them off the pram's frame. So if you only have one child that needs the pram, you cannot remove the empty second seat. If you're looking for more flexibility with your double pram's seating configurations then we would lean towards suggesting our DUO2.

How does our DUO2 grow with your family?

You have the ability to utilise the pram as a single stroller with a bassinet and car capsule for the first six months, then move your child into the stroller seat. Once you decide you are ready for another bub, you are ready to roll with your existing pram setup. You can use the bassinet you already have for bub when they're a newborn. If down the track both kids use the pram, you can just buy an additional stroller seat. It's as easy as that! This means you get the maximum possible life span of your pram purchase!

Shop smart for your growing family with excellent value

While some pram brands have capitalised on the tandem trend and charge exuberant prices (sometimes almost double the cost of a single stroller), there are plenty of tandem prams in the Australian market that are affordable, accessibly priced. Yes, are DUO2 is one of those! Our DUO2 Bassinet & Seat Set is a mere $50 more than our ROVER3 Bassinet & Seat Set, meaning you have the advantages of future-proofing yourself for a second child for almost the same cost of a single stroller!

Configure your tandem pram in multiple ways

Designed with growing families in mind, the DUO2 easily converts from single to double stroller in seconds. With over 30 configurations including car capsules, bassinets and stroller seats, the DUO2 offers maximum versatility. Compact, lightweight and easy to fold, the DUO2’s intuitive design makes transporting two easier than ever.

Watch a quick demo of our DUO2 below

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