Universal Toddler Board

Universal Toddler Board

$99.99 AUD
Accessories - Universal Toddler Board
Accessories - Universal Toddler Board
Accessories - Universal Toddler Board
Accessories - Universal Toddler Board
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Universal Toddler Board

$99.99 AUD

Is your family growing and your toddler now able to stand on their own two feet?

The Universal Toddler Board allows your toddler to ride along behind with you, while your little one is in the stroller seat or bassinet.

When you need to roll with two in tow and don't want the bulk of a double pram, just add the Universal Toddler Board 😀

What's included:

  • Toddler Board only. There is no seat attachment with accessory. Pram not included.


  • COMET plus

Safety first: Additional care and supervision need to be taken when using this product. Your little one must be holding onto the pram frame with two hands at all times.

Returns: Accessories are not covered by our free returns policy. More Information


  • What age is it suitable for? 2 years+
  • What is the weight limit? 20kg
  • Can you add a seat to the board?  No, this is a standing board only.
  • Is there a clip to hold the board up when you're not using it? No, due to the design, the brake prevents this. Instead, you simply unclip the board and can store it in your stroller basket.

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Installation Instructions

In the box

1. Board
2. Board attachment assembly (LEFT)
3. Board attachment assembly (RIGHT)
4. Arm connector (LEFT)
5. Arm connector (RIGHT)
6. Left Arm
7. Right Arm
8. 2 x wheels

Step 1: Attach the Board Attachment Assemblies to the stroller frame

Make sure you are using the correct part for Left and Right sides as pictured.

Before you begin ensure you have unscrewed the knob so that the screw is visible (as per the photo)

Thread the plastic strap around the stroller frame, above the basket attachment point.
Press the button on the outside of the assembly and pull the plastic strap through.

Twist the knob to tighten until the whole unit is fixed tightly to the stroller frame. It should not be able to move. Repeat for other side.

Step 2: Attach the Board Attachment Assemblies

Unscrew the cap from the arm connector and thread through the top of the arm.

Screw the cap back in tightly to secure - you can use a coin to tighten the cap. Repeat for both arms.

Step 3: Attach the Wheels to the Board

Press the button on the wheel assembly and slide in the wheels. Wheels can fit into either side slot. Give them a tug to ensure they are secure.

Step 4: Attach the Arms to the board

Slide the Arm attachments into the slots in the side of the board.

Flip the board over and tighten the knob to secure the Arms.

Step 5: Attach the Arms to the Board Attachment Assemblies

Line up the Arm Connectors with the Board Attachment Assemblies.

Slide the Arm Connector onto the Board Attachment Assembly (towards the frame).

Ensure the Arm Connector is secure.

Step 6: Adjust the angle of the Board.

Press both buttons on the side of the Arms and adjust the Board angle until it is sitting parallel to the ground.

Step 7: Get Rolling!

That's it! To remove the boars, press the buttons on the Arm Connectors and slide off the Board Attachment Assemblies.

The Board Attachment Assemblies can remain attached the the stroller frame.

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